Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's Biological: Layout for Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge

My Dad must be chuckling at my title. For weeks when I was practising my lines for the play Pack of Lies with my little lame British accent, he always laughed at the one line that said my troubles were "biological!"

These photos were from a very long time ago. I'd say I was in middle school. Feel free to give me a better time frame than that, Mom & Dad if you are reading this!

Anne over at Another Freaking Scrappy challenged us to:

Scrap or art journal about a favourite pastime from your youth.  Was it a sport, fishing, cycling, reading, or teasing your older brother? Use a photo of when you were young, a photo of the pastime, or whatever is appropriate!!!

I dug these photos out and happened to also find a newsletter from the theater where I was in the play! It was really easy to slip a piece of it running down the side. I was in a couple of different productions growing up. Sadly my acting was cut short in high school by my lack of singing abilities!

While I was digging out the photos I also found two old play books so I took a photo and printed them out as a die cut. They are hiding right above my hand made rolled roses. I was trying to mimic my roses in the photo!

One more photo so you can enjoy that photo of the cake (I want cake!!!) and my big glasses that were so in style at the time. Or maybe that is just what I'm telling myself!

Hope you get a chance to play along with us! I have almost two whole albums of stuff just about me that are mostly from AFSC! 


  1. LOL....I thought of myself as a bit of an actress, too....I had the glasses....& the lack of a singing voice, too!!! Loved looking at this one & you did a great job of mimicking the flowers....& I'm all back up with my photos. I think!!!!

  2. I think this is cool! I never even made it to the stage - I was on Stage management duty, but I did have the glasses too, and the hair...

  3. I loveeeeeee it!!! LOVING the photos and the flowers!!!!!!

  4. fun to find old photos of yourself! Love the title!

  5. Love the roses and I would LOVE to be able to sing, but unfortunately I am the worst singer EVER. Acting I may be able to get away with , but not these days, I would never remember my lines, old age setting in.Love the gold fonts as well, picks up the gold in the roses


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