Friday, April 4, 2014

Junkin' and Giving

My favorite second hand store opened back up! It was previously privately run with profits going to support the humane society and they recently switched over to volunteers so more of the profit goes directly to the animals. It was a rough couple of months though with nowhere to go cool once a week!

Yes, I try to hit that store once a week. A lot of times I come out empty handed, but once in a while....

And this trip was a good one! Crazy glass mushroom, freaky white porcelain baby chicks, a passle of salt and pepper shakers minus the tops and vintage doilies. The lady at the store thought I was quite nuts buying 8 salt and pepper shakers minus the tops. Little does she know how crazy I can be! ;-)

Another trip to town involved dropping off a box of chocolates to the teachers at our school as part of my Lent ExperienceSome things I've done recently involved dropping school supplies off to our local schoolsending Happy Mail to some scrapbookerspassing handmade soap out at the post office, and handing out flowers at the grocery store!

They have both my kids captive at school most days and this week had to deal with four days of icky state testing. I thought it would be nice to find a box of chocolates in the teacher's lounge. I have something bigger planned for next week and boy are they cute!

Happy Friday Peeps!


  1. Looks like fun - I love little shops like that! Wonderful finds...

  2. I guess it's close enough to the end of Lent to entice people with chocolate....or maybe not?

  3. Can't WAIT to see wha you've got planned for those S&P shakers! And the chicks are SOOO cute& go you, with the vintage doilies!!! And being an ex-teacher, I KNOW they will be much appreciated!! Lent or not:)

  4. Love your new finds. Your "Random Acts of Kindness" are so cool, and making many people happy. You're the best.

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