Wednesday, April 9, 2014

@ the Dali Layout from our Florida Trip

Whoohhooo! Who is a kit buster, me that is WHO!

I subscribe to a monthly kit club and I make it my mission to kill a kit a month. This is actually the second to last page I made from my Scraptastic kit last month, but they were made together, so it counts.

Living in the middle of nowhere with limited access to supplies, it keeps me a smidge trendy and also makes me grin when I get a big fat bag of goodies. My mail lady in her Lime Green jeep hand delivers it with a smile!

As you can see, I used a lot of little smidges of paper here and there on the edges. Also used up a lot of bling  & memorabilia down the right edge, including a palm tree drink stir stick, a couple of plane ticket stubs, and my favorite, a lime green paint brush!

The paint brush is important! We were at the Salvador Dali museum in St. Petersburg, Florida.

We were in a silly kind of mood so skipped the paintings and headed outside to goof around. Didn't think they would be the kid's cup of tea.

THE MAN and I are kinda fond of Dali. He had this awesome print in his college dorm room. Of course they had this print on display in the gift shop and THE BOY couldn't look at it being that there was a naked girl. ;-)

I considered mimicking Dali's style on my scrapbook layout but then thought better of it. No way I can get a pomegranate to work in with my patterned papers!

Happy Jump out of a Fish Day, or Happy Hump Day. You can pick.


  1. Your layout is exuberant with life and those photos are fabulous! Not sure how I would use a pomegranate either!!!

  2. LOL!! Looove that's an awesome photo of y'all jumping in there......I dunno much about Dali...but that print looks REALLY well done....had to laugh with your boy & naked women...aaah, how the tide will turn, eh??!!!!! LOVE that you get the Scraptastic kit - I won one & they are AMAZING....& go you, 'busting' it....I am impressed:):) We're on Friday here...YAY....weekend, bring it on:):)

  3. A pomegranate would be a piece of cake, I think it's the elephant on stilts that might hang me up a bit...
    WOW....awesome post and hilarious descriptions as always!!


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