Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Chocolate and Soda for Breakfast

Ok confession time!

It's a couple of days PAST Easter and I still have 5 Random Acts of Kindness left to do for my Lenton Experience.

I'd be worrying, but I am cutting myself some slack due to listing our house to sell, doing two showings, and also doing the whole Easter thing. Did I mention showing the house for two and a half hours on Easter? It's all good, they wanted to walk the property and there is nothing better than a long walk in the woods to work up an appetite for Easter Dinner!

It's very important to cut yourself some slack once in a while or your head will spin off and things go whirly and you are no good to anyone. They will find you hiding in the closet eating the ears off a chocolate Easter Bunny humming to yourself. The owner of the chocolate rabbit will become outraged and it will be all down hill from there.

It is also important to take your stomping boots to the second hand store and see what you can scheme up!

Of course I found three extra things that had nothing to do with the task at hand.

That little alarm clock WAS an egg timer until my son and I started taking it apart. Still trying to figure out how to cut out that metal piece so I can have an EMPTY alarm clock. Don't worry I am on it.

The one salt or pepper shaker is adorable! So what there is only one and it's missing a cork! I see it filled with glitter...and I have lots of small corks...

And then there is that cute Harry and David gold box...again, it's gold. Not much more to say there! LOVE IT!

I did also find a HUGE stack of cards that have really nice envelopes....I hate what's on the front but I have a game plan for repurposing them into something for Lent. Fun times!

oh! And I didn't have chocolate for breakfast OR soda! That was Patrick, the naughty coworker who started the whole Lent thing for me. He is MUCH nicer now that he has gotten his vices back!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Great haul!! And I hope you got to chew more than one ear off that rabbit before they hauled you outta the cupboard:):) Sounds like a very busy episode in the Pratt clan happening about now!! And good luck with the alarm clock:):)!!!

  2. And what exactly is wrong with hiding in the cupboard eating the ears off a rabbit? that sounds like a good place for some peace and quiet while indulging some choc fantasies!! hehe! and I am sure you will create something magnificent with the clock! Happy house selling too!


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