Thursday, April 3, 2014

Evil Eye Robins & Spray Paint

Is it OK to be in your bathrobe all day? Having gotten a good chill this morning on a walk, I thought it would be better to work in that than a blanket. And on the walk this morning in my sneakers (despite the melty snow and mud) I noticed that the birds were back. The flies have been back for three weeks, so I am kinda relieved. The robins were giving me the evil eye as I strolled up our melty muddy driveway. I imagine they were asking where the hell all the worms were at and where did the lawn go.

We are still under snow here despite "warmer" temperatures. Anyhow, all this "warm" weather has put me in the spray painting mood. Can't actually spray paint outside just yet, but I'm on it! When I mean warm, I mean slightly above freezing with a frigid wind, but who's complaining when we have grumpy birds to watch!

Here is what I started with. A long time ago I identified that spices were really not my thing. Well, the kind that come in a twirly thing really weren't. I gave the oldest a big metal bowl, a spoon, and a chair by the sink the let her make witch soup. She was probably four and the spices were dusty and older than her. She still remembers this, oddly....

It has been this blond color since buying it 16 or so years ago....

Now since most everything scrap furniture wise has gone black and distressed, it was kinda on the spray paint to do list!

On a side note, how do you like that little scroll thing there on the front of my big desk? I found that in the wood section at the hardware store and it got a spray paint too. Easy to attach with some brad nails!

I made a few improvements to my spice rack. For one thing I was sick to death of the hole in the top (original idea was you'd store kitchen implements in it which did not work for me since I have a huge drawer of them). When I was getting ready to paint the spice rack I had to dump out the accumulated dead flies and dust.

Here is the spice rack ready for spray. There is a bit of prep to get it to this stage. It had a clear finish that needed to be sanded so the paint would stick. I also added a bit of color in a few spots in case the sanding allowed that color to show through when I distressed it. The large candle holder was also attached with screws so it would be spray painted with the whole piece. And a huge thanks to THE MAN for setting up my fancy spray painting station. 

My favorite part of the piece are the spice jar stickers!

I got them on Etsy from LuvCrystals along with a couple of complementary rock star shabby tags. They are lovely and perfectly right for my jars!

Sorry about the washed out color in the photo, but it's very bright with the sun on the snow!

Having enjoyed my spice rack for a week now, I can say I am loving those bottles on the top right where I need them! Adding a lot more mixed media now that things are handy!

Hope your Thursday is GREAT!


  1. I am happy for you that the snow is going, the weather is gradually warming & you got to spray paint AND stay in your PJs....I do it at least once a week...but don't tell anyone!! LOOOVE your 'new look' rack/spinner....fabulous makeover:):):)

  2. Well your winter may be hanging on and our summer is hanging on here, it is staying warm here as we go inti the second month of autumn! Love what you have done with the spice rack, looks so pretty now!

  3. Loving the makeover! I have one of those spice racks to and I don't use half of the spices on there. Someday it will make it's way to my scrap room too!

  4. I always thought that I liked your wood tone spice/embellishment rack, but the black looks oober cool. Really blends with everything else. I also, like your top notch idea and it gives you more storage.

  5. DUDE! I've been to this post SO many times and finally have the words to describe how it makes me feel....HAPPY!!! This is freaking totes adorbs! I love the new look and the renovation for more utilizable space. As Ignacio would say...YOU are a ROCK! I love this so much. What a sleek and classy design you've given it.


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