Monday, December 12, 2016

A Very Fluffy Reindeer, an Outtake, and Glittering for Memorandum Monday

Last year the girls tried to schedule a class at Wine & Design, but you have to book quick or you don't make it in. Thankfully Teri was on it this year, and scheduled us for the Reindeer Pallet. She brought wine and doggone it if I didn't hear the lady say to paint fur and next thing you know I have this super fluffy happy reindeer...but he's kinda like Rudolf....everyone else's wasn't quite so.....fluffy....or big boned.

I freaking swear it was the wine...

The next day I had to add sequins, holly, and sparkles. Of course, mine isn't the same as everyone else because instead of bringing pizza, I brought gold paint. You can see how this is pretty important, right? So I have gold antlers. The lady there was like where did the gold paint come from and the entire table ratted me out. Thanks guys....

As you can tell from all the photos, we got snow. Snow that inspired me to con everyone else into taking a Christmas photo. Well, everyone agreed except Duncan. He kinda turns into a rather large turd in the snow. Add in a fancy Christmas tie and he gets down right dick like. Thankfully we got a good one..the camera was getting wet!

And I'm off! Lots to do! I'm back tomorrow to announce some Visions of Sugar Plums Winners and then back with some jello of which that involves a troll! I've been glittery all weekend! Can't wait to share!

Join me in waving a glittery hand to Sian who hosts us for Memorandum Monday!


  1. Its kinda cute ..the fluffy reindeer ! Lovely Photo ..

  2. This post made me laugh out loud! I love your fluffy reindeer.

  3. Love your painting.
    We have classes like that around here.
    I did a snowman - would have loved to
    do the reindeer. he's a lot of fun.
    The picture is great. No snow here (yet).
    thanks for sharing.

  4. I love your reindeer, the fluff looks cuddly! And great family photo, good view of Duncan! Hehe!

  5. I like the fluffy reindeer! He is super cute...and cuddly, like Lizzy said! :)

  6. Hahahah ... yeah... those are the photos we get with our dogs too... their butts... their blurry faces as they move at the last minute.. 100 takes until we finally get the one and if we're lucky it's just as one of them licks someone's! And that reindeer!! LOVE him... he reminds me of my dog Jack... he's a bit big boned these days too and he's very fluffy... add red nose and antlers and he'd be big boned reindeer...

  7. Just saw your fluffy reindeer. Love him and can picture your giggle and smile all the while you were painting. Great family pic.:)

  8. Brought a smile to my face for sure. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  9. Such a fun post! Love the way there's always 'someone' who doesn't cooperate in a family photo!


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