Thursday, December 8, 2016

Chalk Painting, Waxing, and Market Streeting for Memorandum Monday (or Thursday if you are keeping track)

Goodness! I'm writing this post Sunday night, but due to Sugar Plums, it won't be posted until Thursday! Anyhow, it's still a Memorandum even if it's a bit delayed, right? I actually started my weekend on Friday, but then worked Saturday on our new Habitat House (which in itself is a story and a very good one, so stay tuned) and then went to Sparkle with our new fancy smancy Volunteer Trailer for work (which is also another story and an awesome one at that so again, stay tuned).

Market Street was a freaking wind tunnel and I was so cold, I'm still cold if that makes sense. I wore a wool sweater and stood by our heater, but it wasn't all that pleasant if you weren't moving around. The people were nice and some lady told me lots of stories about Habitat in Uganda, which would have been way more interesting inside and over a hot cup of tea. So it was quite a relief on Sunday to get caught up on laundry with binge watching Netflix and doing a little painting in the garage with the wood stove.

Interestingly enough this little table is my first foray into chalk painting & wax. In fact, the drawer has brown wax on it because it was dry enough for me to try and it's kinda really cool how vintage it turns something with hardly any work. The whole thing will get done at some point this week, probably.

I'm also looking at my Tim Tags all together in one place and contemplating their display. Gunna have to build something and I can't wait. I'm guessing I'll get on that this weekend as well as actually decorate all three trees. I have been enjoying them up with the lights, but they are naked at the moment!

Well must rush off and finish off the week. Waving over at Sian who already Memorandum-ed this week!


  1. It's still my pleasure to add you to the list on a Thursday :) Your painted table is a triumph!

  2. It has been a long week here. Lots of work. Lots of computer problems. And I am tired. But it's still a joy to come here and see what you've been up to! So...did I miss the reveal of the whole quote? Or is that not til you put it all together? I've purposely not been checking back because I didn't want to figure it out! Well. Off to yesterday's post!

  3. the local scrapbook store has been offering chalk painting
    classes but I wasn't sure what it was. The little
    table looks great. guess I'll go sign up for some
    classes. thanks.

  4. My GOSH you've been busy....still can't work out what that saying is with your Tim Tags!!! Fab makeover of furniture happening there, too :):):)


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