Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Silent Auction Chalk Paint Table

Ages and ages ago I brought this table home and THE MAN said, WHERE are you going to put it? He had a point. I really just wanted to try my hand at chalk painting and I was in love with the little egg feet and all the little details. Recently someone pointed out that I had best wrap up this table and get it out of Man Land, aka the garage as the youngest wanted to cut metal and weld.

Honestly, all that was left was to add that little scroll in the front with small air nails and drill a hole for the knob. The knob I used is glass and has a really pretty shimmer. It's kinda oversized for this piece but it's a pretty chunky piece already.

The table was a pretty big trainwreck before I painted it and the little plastic star and metal knob wasn't doing it any favors. Plus I had two extra holes to cover in the front, which is what I used that bigger scroll for. 

It's so pretty! Really love chalk paint & the wax for antiquing and bringing out the details. I wish I was keeping it, but it's off to a silent aution to raise money for building houses. Hopefully someone will fall for it and bid it up!

Happiest of Hump Days to you! 


  1. This turned out fantastic! I want it in my house! I would bid on it if I was there and then I'd bring it home and my husband would say... "Where are you putting that?"

  2. It looks soooo lovely & happy to be spruced up:) Hope it made a good price for your charity!!!

  3. Oh wow this looks gorgeous now.. I love the soft green color and love the scroll on the front!

  4. Nice job, Mitra. It looks like a solid, sturdy piece. Hope it finds a good home!

  5. Nice job, Mitra. It looks like a solid, sturdy piece. Hope it finds a good home!

  6. Beautiful! I'm sure it will raise a fine sum. (And then you'll be ready to whip out the chalk paint again and make something else)


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