Saturday, July 15, 2017

All Work & Not Much Play (but it's OK)

Goodness I've missed blogging. Not only is construction season upon us at work, but we've nearly wrapped up one house and due to timing, we did our dedication to our new home owner. That's all over Facebook if you are interested. Heck, you can even watch my speech. (wince) We have all kinds of little extra projects we do to that go along with the house that I thought I'd share since I am certainly not crafting. More like falling asleep early on the couch!

Candy Bar Doug always gives us a tree or bush for our new home as part of a memorial to his wife Debbie. Since this little Japanese maple wasn't going to plant itself and the guys were busy inside working on trim, I got all kinds of crazy in the front garden. It involved taking out a honey suckle bush too which wasn't all that fun in the heat, but I did win finally. I think in part it was because of that awesome shovel which is older than me...

We also gave the new homeowner this adorable little bookshelf that one guy built, the other guy used his CNC machine to carve the top logo, and then I helped paint & distress. The new homeowner is a vintage girl, and it will fit right in with house. It's part of another memorial where we also fill it with books due to a donation from Rotary.

Next week we're off to tackle the backyard, which is quite a jungle. It's sad but some of the awesome roses have to get cut out because the little people need room to play. During the dedication they were playing in the front yard and driveway...and that can't happen!

Well, I am off to paint a house with a crew of young area professionals. I had the house prepped yesterday with some scraping and I hope they found all the wasps then...It's cooler today, but I imagine I'll be asleep early again on the couch...

Happy Saturday!

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  1. pulling out roses... heart sinking... but yes... it's like cactus... have to pull some out so slim will stop getting prickers... he just doesn't learn. I think he might be part cactus... (oh... well, you might not think that cactus are like but they are friendly little fellows if you keep your distance and have gorgeous flowers and some even smell good!)... so ... just to explain my weird comparison.


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