Thursday, July 6, 2017

Today Butterfly Affirmation Piece with Pop Up Flowers for THE CUTTING CAFE

Oh my I am loving my new butterfly affirmation piece. Lexi painted this wooden butterfly and got annoyed before she finished it. Hence it was mine to play with! It was a perfect candidate for these new pop up flowers from THE CUTTING CAFE.

Check them out! I played a little with the paper leaves to give them more dimension. I also added those cool stamens to the flowers. 

Once I cut a little hole on the bottom, it was easy to sneak in the stamens with some hot glue. Of course these flowers are collapsible, but in this application they are just pretty! 

I have this butterfly hanging out right in front of my kitchen sink to remind me to live in TODAY and not worry so much about tomorrow. I'm really good at borrowing trouble and worrying about the eight things that probably won't happen! So, just focus on TODAY! 

Hope your Friday is a happy one! Hugs!


  1. wooow! lovely project. It's gorgeous

  2. WOW WOW WOW WOW...LOVE THE this...masterpiece

  3. Gosh I would never think that about you... that you worry... I am also a worrier... and I try to plan for all of the things that might happen so I'm ready for it... I'm so sad we didn't get to create together this trip... I won't be back around that way 'til next year... BUT I am very happy for the reason we didn't get to create together... more happy memories and pics for you... so it's crafty sharing long distance for a while again... hey you know... someday... maybe you'll come out my way...


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