Monday, July 3, 2017

Relax Layout for Another Freaking Scrappy

Happy First of the Month challenge which is up at Another Freaking Scrappy! Wow, we're cruising along now full speed into summer, which is probably why I was so pumped to take a photo of this Japanese garden we built! We started it in the spring of 2015 & finished it. Now it's finally starting to really mature and look lovely. Recently I started acquiring round rocks so I could fight a winning battle against the pine needles and boy do I like the look!

See I made this page all the way back in 2015 so I wouldn't lose that little sketch my Mom drew up of the garden. And there it sat in my UFO pile waiting for a good photo. Since the little maple is finally big enough, I snapped a photo. This layout totally qualified for the challenge which is to use up some paper that is older than a year, it worked!!

Here is a close up of the flower cluster and a little fern I cut out of striped gold paper. I wanted to pull in the color of the purple pen my Mom used. That little stray purple flower kinda fell there during hot gluing and it fits the whole garden theme. ;-)

The title on this page was inspired by traditional Japanese gardens. They are generally very orderly and inspire you to relax and be calm. I feel that way often when I get to my back door as my house is a sanctuary from the rest of the world.

Since I can't leave you without another photo of the garden....

Happy Monday!


  1. oh wow! Love that layout ... the fact that the background is the drawn design is sooooo awesome... and that Japanese Maple is gorgeous... I miss my Japanese Maple... I just love the way they cascade and the beautiful colors they come in... gorgeous garden... gorgeous layout...

  2. What a cool layout and so good to use the plan your Mum made. Your garden looks beautiful, I would be proud of that to.


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