Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Two Tiered Stand for the Laundry Room

Recently I came across a little two tied stand at work in the metal scrap. To be honest, it wasn't very nice. I had wanted to make one myself, only more interesting to put next to the laundry room sink for holding scrubbers & soap. I snagged the hardware from the stand and went looking in my own stash for what to use. I had considered a little plate, but then found this metal tray with feet which matched the shape on this diamond shaped scallop bowl.

I thought perhaps painting them to match the accent color in the laundry room would be nice. I am loving that soft turquoise color these days. I added a little gold splatter just because. The hardest part of the project was drilling two holes using a metal bit. Honestly once I found a sharp bit, it was pretty quick!

See, it even works holding the sink strainer! Although some pretty little soaps would be way cuter!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. This is so cool and pretty! I can see it now with pretty soaps... but honestly in my house it would probably mostly hold the sink plug...lolol! But! It would look beautiful doing it...

  2. It looks really lovely!! pretty color too!


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