Friday, May 20, 2011

Bloom-Shirley's Page

So, my neighbor being super cool and all, calls me this am to ask if I would like some coconut coffee! Of course I would!!! It's awesome. She then brings me this page and says, were you serious about trading pages...'cause I made one for you! And all this excitement before 9 am!! She even left me extra paper! I took the opportunity to show her some new photos on my camera I took right before the kids left for school of our Crap Apple tree. She said...ah, those match perfectly! And she was right! I added my photos, a title, cut another flower from the left over scraps (Thank you Tim Holtz, I love that tattered flower die cut) and added some white paint so I could hand journal. I love all the butterflies she scattered around and that little yellow bird is adorable. How did Shirley know I have spotted some cute little yellow birds flitting around the apple trees (oh that is right, they all go to her house first, where the massive bird feeding station is set up). I am dreaming up a lovely page for her. First off, when I cropped the photo of Lexi & Luke, you don't see the cool handmade skirt that Shirley made I know she needs those photos on a page....Love it Shirley, thanks!

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