Sunday, May 1, 2011

Daffodil Bulb Two Page Spread and a card from scraps!

I love sketches almost as much as I love daffodil bulbs. Decided to do something different tonight. I usually reserve two page layouts for vacations or an event where I have a ton of photos. I took some photos of the bulbs I planted last fall and thought they deserved more due to how much enjoyment I get each time I look at them!

I have to hand it to Sketch Support & Allison Davis. I NEVER would have put buttons in a row....(my replacement for the stars) or left that much free space on the page for that matter. I really love my layout though, it's so nice and sunny! My only deviation as far as photo sizes go was that one daffodil in the middle...I liked it bigger!

If you want to check out the blog where I was inspired, please click here!

I also had all my scraps out and about and had read a blog at some point during the weekend urging the additional usage of scraps for cards. I thew the card together for a friend of mine who just moved and was recently flooded. Poor thing, like one wasn't enough! Hope she enjoys it!

Have a good night!

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