Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Inspire Card

So, keeping in mind that the closest place to get scrapbooking stuff is in CANDADA and OVER an hour away, let me just say I enjoy getting my monthly kits from We B Scrappin' in Syracuse. Thanks Sara, if I haven't said it before. Some of this paper was from a couple of months back, but the cool new (shall we call it RIBBON) that is behind my flower was in this month's kit. I LOVE it!! It's so pretty! My flower center is a covered button. I was explaining at a local place how pretty these buttons are and they suggested I try covering my own. It was not hard, but I will have to practise a bit more! This card was another instance where I had the paper out already so making a card only took a few minutes more. My next post will show the pages that I made on the same night...

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