Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Garden Before and After

So when we moved in late July last year, I was pretty sad since the house really had no flower beds. There were a couple of overgrown raised beds which didn't seem to have much and another we mowed over shortly after since it was tangle of nothing but a lone pink daisy that we saved. So, one of our first real projects was to construct a flower bed by the door with boulders. Now, being this close to the Adirondacks, we have a plethora of amazingly huge boulders. Hubby is really good with the tractor and got them all laid in nicely and filled with dirt, leaving me to the fabric, chips and flowers. This year, he finished the other side for me with boulders and dirt...and helped me take the trailer to a local greenhouse for some chips. Yup, I towed our big dump trailer. I wish I could say I enjoyed it...but I didn't. Maybe next time I will be less nervous. So, the second photo is from last August and the first is from today. I wanted to take a few photos before the plant people show up tomorrow. That would be my parents who hearing that there is vacant ground minus plants are making a special trip up.

The guy on the porch in the first photo is the hubby and the dog decided to make a guest appearance on my blog. Isn't she pretty? She is a pound puppy named Patty who loves to hang out around my garden.

Now, this whole thing DOES relate to scrapbooking. I was the Featured Friday Artist at Ideas for Scrapbookers. Pam is awesome for offering space on her blog for artists with ideas. I really appreciate the exposure. If you want to check it out, click here. She is showing my garden scrapbook from my old house.


  1. Congrats for the featured!!!!I came here another day and I just love your blog..and your garden..look great!!!!
    Have a nice week!!!
    Kisses and huges from Brazil

  2. Just love it!! And congrats on the feature! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)


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