Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mug Shot Page for ScrapFriends Color Challenge

Did you know that lottery winners never get stressed out? I wouldn't know. But, a coconut didn't hit me in the head either and I'm thankful for that!

I was cleaning the top of my desk the other day and came across my duplicate passport photo and it made me laugh. A nice close up shot so you can laugh too.

I mean, I knew it was terrible at the time. And it's still terrible.

It was a rough rough summer. Peru at the end of it was perfect. Getting to that point, a roller coaster.

The nice lady at the Post Office was on her second attempt to take this photo after calming me down. I had three whole seconds to devote to getting my passport and had forgotten to bring checks me with.

The town I was getting the passport in was a war zone, so it was a miracle I made it there at all.

Anyhow. I thought I need to share it with the world. Or at least the folks at ScrapFriends using their color challenge image!

YES, I know green isn't in that color combo. 

Shoot me. I'm not a lotto winner. I thought the green would cheer me up. ;-)

Besides Karen Wray gave me that yummy Prima Rose paper fifteen trillion years ago and it was time to use it. 

Lizzy Hill gave me that delicious Manor House flower and I bet she bought them at ScrapFriends

They are INKABLE & MISTABLE which is why it's that lovely shade that matches and all glittered up from this AWESOME SAUCE GLITTER spray that Helen sent me. 

Catch you tomorrow. I have a CRAZY project to show you tomorrow. PROOF I am nuts.

Is it Friday yet? 


  1. I think all mugs shots I mean passport photos are meant to make you look suspicious!! You look ok to me.. great take on the color challenge!!

  2. Oh my! I really, really like those circle cut outs...& (blush) ..nope, got the flowers at the craft fair...I am MOST IMPRESSED BY HOW YOU ALTERED THEM...woops. Didn't mean all that in capitals...amazing!!!! You've done the colours soooo well...greens ok, it's there for light relief. Like your photo. You're braver than me, showing the world:):)!!!! Thanks for sharing with us at Scrap Friends!!!!!!!

  3. My passport pic is no better lol, loving those blooms x

  4. this made me laugh! I´ve done the same, scrapped my passport photos and believe me, they don´t look pretty either :D (but not going to tell you where to find that layout on my blog, am I *ggg*)... thanks for playing along again at ScrapFriends!!!

  5. Hahahaha...a entire page of a mug shot..I love it! Reminds me of every military ID I've ever had. They always take the most glorious close-ups of my nostrils!
    Love your twisted and creative mind here too. :)

  6. I love this page, good on you for scrapping it!! Love the use of the scrap friends pallet and those manor house flowers are divine, I love them!


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