Wednesday, November 7, 2012


So yesterday was our big day here in the States to vote for a presidential candidate.

In fact, right around 7:30 am when I had a convo with my boss, his question was:  When are you going to vote? Not are you going...but I suppose he'd figure I'd be all over voting.

In Peru it's mandatory. Meaning, you don't vote, they hit you with a fine. We passed by a huge line when we were in Lima and our girl guide told us they were paying their fine.

I wonder if that would work well here in the States. Betcha people would just line up to pay the fine.

Now typically here at Casa de Pratt we watch a bit of morning news, so I am more informed than I have ever been. But I still felt lost. I imagine most of my fellow Americans feel similar. There are so many intricacies in running a country.

I imagine our country is like a huge company and making a little change takes a long time. Is four years really enough time even?

I did come up with a great plan though on how to figure out who to vote for.

Googled both of their wives. I figure Woman Power will be how we really make something happen here and why not pick the wife that is doing cool things. That was the ticket right there. Made filling in the little dots much easier. ;-)


  1. Good idea!! behind every great man is an even greater woman!!!

  2. I'm lost too...
    Whatever will I do without the political campaign ads on TV every 5 minutes????
    I admire your voting style very much. :)

    I'm Lisa Minckler and I approve this message I just left.

  3. I'm all about women power!!! That's an awesome idea Mitra. I'm glad that you went out and voted. I think it's a right and a privilege.

  4. We have to vote in Oz too. So much for democracy!!!! Even for our local council elections it's mandatory. For years I've actually voted for women 1st, regardless of political affiliations....which is tricky in our upper house for state elections....yes, there are THREE separate elections we have to vote in ...that can up to over 100 numbers that I carefully mark in all over the show. I'm sure the scrutineers LOVE me. Not!!! Go girls, I say. Julia Guillard can thank me later. Mind you, her accent is a tad cringe-worthy!!!!!

  5. A very original voting strategy!
    Alison xx

  6. I like it!! Although our main man is a woman, her other half is a hairdresser - hmmm not sure what that means. Anyway, looks like a complicated voting sheet, hope you got the results you wanted. xx

  7. There are so many countries where women aren't allowed to vote so voting is a privilege. Your vote counts. I do think that 4 years is not long enough to make substantial changes in a vast country.

    Love how you chose to vote. lol

  8. From what I gather on FB Obama is one unpopular guy! Most people I come across there think he will cause a lot of problems for America. Here in Africa there is no such thing as a free & fair election so I was surprised to read that most people didn't vote apparently...


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