Monday, February 4, 2013

A Sunny Day Scrapbook Layout for The Studio

I did something absolutely terrible the other day. I let my husband use my heat gun. It is a real tool so useful for thawing things. Anyhow, when he went to put the heat gun back in my cupboard, he moved something and I found a couple of kits from this summer I had not used up yet. Eeek! Then I was mad at myself for losing paper!

I really try to use up a kit each month because eventually I'm a) either sick of the paper or b) it gets stashed and never pulled back out. So, anyhow, in this case it was like SUMMER in a bag, although it was mostly just scraps.

So, a page was born.

Typically I scrap the kids mostly when I am making pages from events.

In this case, I found this picture of Joe who was supervising THE MAN and the kids who were target shooting behind our house hence the skunk target laying by his chair.

Might be able to see it a bit better in this shot I took looking across the page.

And how do you like that coffee filter flower? I was dying the little flags to use up top (they were also left over from the summer) and the filter had some nice color, so decided to use it up too!

I think it's funny you can see the snow in the background there near the photo of the nice green grass! I snuck out for some photos between snow flurries.

And a quick view of my journaling & some of the cork board shapes I added and doodled on.

Based this page off a sketch from The Studio that I liked! It really worked well for the pile of scraps I had to work with!

Happy Monday! Hope your team won for the Superbowl, mine did not, but I based it off which team I thought looked best in their tight I guess I'm not all that sad! ;-)


  1. This is my new fave...I just LOVE the bg I king & splats, & that big balloon is YUM. AND.... The! He looks so relaxed. At first I thought the bingo tkt said 'career' & I thought his looked like one I could handle!!!!!! Love the cork, too....just love it all:):):):)

  2. That was supposed to read bg inking.....stupid iPad ...

  3. What a beautiful layout Mitra! Full of interesting detail & just love the happy feel!!

  4. I am still getting over the fact you let your husband borrow a scrap tool.... (shake my head... phew just as well you got it back!!) anyway love the banner, love the coffee filter flower and love the hot air balloon... and super bowl??

  5. Tight are a little off aren't you? Hee hee, but that's what I love about ya. There were a few that I thought probably should have just worn sweats!
    Awesome LOL and as always, my favorite part is seeing how you journal. You did a terrific job on that sketch!


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