Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Soap and Water, Step 1 for Cabinet Project

So, a while ago I talked about a new big project I was planning on starting. Well, I started it! Actually my Dad and my Mom who had the cabinet part of this in their barn for years started it over Christmas when they pointed it out to me and said it was free for the taking. 

I of course went home and started measuring. I have this vision in my mind of matching furniture for all my scrapping stuff. So far so good. I have the main desk I work at, a huge storage cabinet for my scrapbooks, and also the main piece I'm modeling things after where I store paper.

But, I have another need. Extra storage for stamps and inks and whatnot.

PLUS, my Mom was bugging me to give her ideas for a 15th Anniversary present and when I suggested new throw pillows she snorted. She said they are not permanent. WHICH of course they are not in my house when dogs view them as personal sleep aids. 

She is making stained glass for the doors.


I know! Here is the pattern. THE MAN picked out the glass. He happens to be good at that kind of thing so I am not even sure exactly what they will look like. What a nice surprise!

I spent a chunk of Sunday and exhausted three cloths cleaning my new cabinet. Many soapy buckets of water later, we are now ready to attach the base to the bottom and mount the doors with hinges. THE MAN assures me that this is precision work and he is up to the task. My Dad made the doors and also the base out of some spare legs he happened to have stashed in his barn. I know, he rocks too.

After washing, I did a bit of work with some wood patch to get the corners filled in. You can also see where my Dad patched a bit of molding that was missing. He figures the cabinet piece is around 100 years old and since it came from my Uncle Ted's house, that it was part of a furniture making business some of our ancestors ran ages ago. 

You can also see how crazy discolored the wood is all over. So I really do not feel badly about not refinishing this. I think it will look great painted black and distressed, as long as I make sure the accents at the top are still visible. Look at all that awesome detail....

Fun times await with the spray gun. Wish me LUCK!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. OOOOH! You LUCKY thing, Mitra...& those stained glass doors are going to be totally awesome:):) You're going to have a fabulous scrapping space at this rate....that detail on it is really amazing...it's sooo nice to have furniture that has meaning, too.....can't wait 'til I see it all finished:):):)

  2. FANTASTIC Anniversary gift. Those stained glass windows with the heart will look PERFECT with the heart detail in the wood! I know you're working like crazy, but I'm SOOO excited to see the finished project! SO HAPPY FOR YOU...I can only imagine the finished craft room will be the envy of us all. :D
    P.S. Your family ROCKS!

  3. Can't wait to see the finished piece! Keep us posted :)

  4. Ooooh this does look exciting! Can't wait to see it all stashed up!!

  5. Cant wait to see this piece finished, love stained glass and it will stunning in this. I would love nice throw cushions as well its my dog that would abuse them, but the smelly men when the come home from work deem acceptable to throw them on the floor and lay on them but they are keeping the couch clean. Go figure!


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