Friday, February 1, 2013

Me Right Now Today

because it's Friday and although I want to post my newest page, I feel the urge to write you get this follow up to Helen's post . ;-)

I would try to fight that urge and post anyhow, but it's been a long week with weird shrieking winds that blow you sideways and a dishwasher spitting water all over the kitchen floor. Oh right, life! 

Swooning Over:  Peacock Feathers, Glittery things, masks

Planning:  Spring Projects like new steps into the house, shutters, and more gardening while it's bitter cold and the snow flurries fly

Eating:  Molasses cookies made with real ground ginger and oatmeal with coconut

Discovering:  Just because the beginning part of the week sucks, does not mean the rest of it will, although you never do know. 

Looking at:  repurposing things

Looking in particular for these kinds of trays although my spices are surely not in pretty little bottles like this. Wish I could find the original post for this but stole this off Lisa's Pinterest and I'm not clever enough today to figure that out. 

Wearing - Under Amour Tank, Vicky Secret Shirt, Jeans from Tractor Supply, ratty green well loved sweatshirt from Aeropostale that I stole from kid and slippers that I stole from the same kid...again, repurposing things...

Cooking - Jambalaya for supper in honor of Super Bowl being held in New Orleans although I really do not watch football I watch strong men in tight pants....the rest of it really is lost on me. 

Wondering - If fabric embellishment dropped into a wine glass and carefully dried off will still smell like wine...

Trying Out:  The idea of short feet on this cabinet which will also have glass doors. I have this bad boy in my sights for repainting and storing scrappy stuff. It will be quite the labor of love as THE MAN claims the woodstove would be a better place than our house. As if!

Happy Friday! 


  1. Feeling a bit like you sound today as the rain steadily drip drips off the roof & into the brain - wind has the same effect, I find. LOVE your repurposing purpose in life...those herb trays. SCRUMPTIOUS...& how DARE the man mention 'fire' in any vicinity close to that gorgeous, soon to be scrappy depository!!!! Try, try, to lift the spirits above such wee indiscretions...& enjoy the tights::):)!!!!!!!!!

  2. I definitely see potential in that book case and love the spice rack.. and I hope your week starts off and ends well next week!!

  3. What a glorious post! Your writing is WONDERFUL!! You should consider a book...honestly! I can just imagine everything to perfection, thanks to your 'on the button' descriptions!! Those cookies sound amazing and ideal for that awful weather. I can understand now why Spring and Summer are such a big deal by comparison!

    I am also swooning over peacock feathers but they don't seem to be found anywhere - Etsy perhaps? I love the house plan ideas - brightly coloured shutters would look so pretty - red, yellow? Oooh the possibilities are endless really!! And those spice racks are the most adorable things I've seen all week - I am ONTO that idea!!!

    You would be impresses with me - I have also undertaken a couple of very cool house projects since my return. Never thought about posting them but come to think of it they would make for a great post. Time! I will work on it when I am back - have to take off a few days and the weekend next week to get Chelsea all settled in her new abode - moving in with her girlfriends now, for her final year ;)

    I am intrigued as to how you will attach the glass doors to that cabinet? Not terrified of drilling through glass?? Oooh you are a brave one - I have the same kind of thing with my album storage - only NO DOORS so very dusty - so glass doors are necessary!

    Well i have thoroughly enjoyed the chat and am impressed with myself for managing this all from my phone. Computer time has been minimal this week as Chelsea and I have been shopping for her new house stuff every evening xo

  4. Possibly your longest comment ever?!?

  5. Wish I could be as organised with my takes me forever to go through them!
    Alison xx

  6. What a great idea Mitra and I can't wait to see what you turn that shelf into.

  7. Loved reading through your wonderful post, Mitra! Can't wait to see your finished bookcase.


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