Saturday, February 2, 2013

Know This, Keep This, Read This page for Another Freaking Scrappy

Earlier this week I made a couple of pages based off a sketch that Heather had given us. And although I did not really use her sketch for this page, I was working on them all together and I feel as if there is a sisterly resemblance to them.

Our latest challenge is up at Another Freaking Scrappy and it's about you! Well, most of our challenges are designed to bring YOU into your pages so people reading your journaling years from now will know what you are working on, thinking about, doing!

This one is all about Passion and what you are passionate about. I had a hard time picking. I have a lot of things I'm into aside from what I even blog about. I just listed a few and left off my lesser known favorites like sparkly glittery high heals and orange roses.

Snuck my journaling in sideways by that cool chippy tag.

And in case you are wondering about the terrific crop job on my page above, sometimes it's hard to get a good photo in the winter outside. See slippers peeking in my photo and YES, it's on snow. I have a special foam board I use that dries! How do do you like the dog tracks...

Here is a side shot so you can see some of the dimension.

Yes that is me feeding an Alpaca or Llama or something that really wanted the alfalfa in Peru!

I'm leaving you with one last photo of Irini's great flower! I almost have worked my way through my stash and I will have to place another flower order!

Happy Saturday! Tomorrow is Story Telling Sunday so see you soon!


  1. That chippy tag is so cute! And Irini's, of course...really like that circle shape behind the photo - it gives the illusion of a circular photo...v clever.....& I LOVE the shot of the snow shoot. So weird. Glad I don't live there. We're moaning 'cos it's dropped to around 50 here & we have to put trackies on. I may even have to bring out the socks today. Shock! Horror! BTW, thought of you when I was scrapping...will have to show you how I use that gorgeous little tin....

  2. I really like the use of twine on this page, it gives the impression of tying everything together.

  3. Gorgeous page with some really sweet elements, love that wee little tag as well.

  4. Fabulous layout, love the black and white spots down the centre, really pops, and yes photographing my layouts is a bit hit and miss at times too!!

  5. |Fab LO Mitra and I'm glad to see the exercise is loved as much as the art and craft. You did a ggreat job with the embillies, love those flowers. Btw a little parcel is winging it's way to you so check out your mail regularly. x

  6. Wow...look at all that snow! Love seeing a page of you, Mitra!

  7. Very nice my friend - love the dramatic black border!! Go You photographing in the snow - talk about come hell or high water - the things we do for love :)


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