Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Market in Peru Purchase: Water Color

Things here in the North County run a bit slow. In fact, I was completely surprised the other day when the Frame Mill called and said one of the paintings I had brought home from Peru was completed.

My Mom and Dad and I ran into a young man in the little market at the base of Machu Piccu who was working on getting through Art School. Of course later we met LOTS of people selling their art from portfolios, but I really liked his work the best, so was glad I bought a couple of things home to get framed.

Throughout Peru there were very interesting hardware pieces on doors and windows. I took tons of photos of these items...looking forward to doing something with them at some point. No doubt this water color will serve as a center piece! Love the contrasting colors!


  1. This is a really wonderful painting...what a great memory to have brought home with you! LOVE it....sounds like you're slowing into Country Time:):)!!!!!!!!

  2. That is a very interesting picture.. I am sure it will bring back many memories of your travels!!

  3. Lovely painting & it will always provide happy memories for you! Yup things don't move along swiftly here either - still no sign of my computer.

  4. Just my sort of watercolour too. Love it.


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