Thursday, July 4, 2013

LESSology Challenge #27: Packaging Central

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I am a box hoarder.

There, I've come clean. Long after whatever device I have is long gone, I've still got the box!

Take a look at this bad boy. It's black, sturdy, and awesome!

Perfect for messing around with!

I decided to make it into a shadow box and cut a circle out of the lid. Took a bit of doing though, so you have to stick with it!

I have had these circle cutters from Creative Memories for a trillion years and they still are a go-to tool for me. I had them long before those magic electric cutters we all have. You cannot put a box lid in a Silhouette no matter how hard you try, so I imagine I'll have them for a long while after too!

After getting the circle cut in the center of the box top, I used gesso and alcohol inks on the inside.
I cut out a piece of patterned paper for the background.

Next was the fun part, adding a sparkle modge podge, pearl-ex paint, and all the goodies inside! The edges on the top of the box are foil doilies with ink rubbed into them.

The bottom of course are some up-cycled thread spools. I opted to keep the thread on them as I thought it looked really cool! Plus, the thread is a bit old, so not all that great for sewing with anyhow.

The really cool part about upcycling is that it is fairly cheap! The only cost I had was in a downloadable reusable image. I grabbed this one from Nicecrane Designs for $4.50, but can print out as many images as I want! The moss was from our woods and the the flowers & shrooms were all in my stash!

Here is a side view of my box. I am loving that butterfly! Something else from my stash that I added alcohol ink to!

Please come play along if you would over at LESSology!

Get those boxes and packaging material upcycled into something fun!

And for you peeps in the States, get off your computers and go celebrate the 4th! 


  1. This is absolutely AMAZING!! I am in LOVE!!!!

  2. This is really cool! Great upcycling! I still use my CM circle cutters regularly too much easier to pull them out than the electronic cutter.

  3. Saw this over at LESSology & I like it even more on 2nd viewing...& that butterfly still rocks my socks....& I must say, the cotton reels are a MAGICAL idea:):) Hope you've got that garden back under control & your tomatoes are doing the Right Thing & Growing Properly now they've been TOLD!!!!!!!!!

  4. Awesome upcycled project, Mitra! One of your BEST :)

  5. This is wonderful! Brilliant recycling!!

  6. GREAT job Mitra! Still trawling through my July posts playing catch up!! I love this project - so creative!!


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