Monday, July 1, 2013

Shades of Yellow for Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge

You ever make something pretty simple but it makes you so happy?

That is how I felt about this challenge & my layout. Of course the color yellow makes me happy too.

It is quite possibly because my 7th Grade band director told me I looked nice in yellow a few years back. ;-)

Anyhow, our challenge at Another Freaking Scrappy for this time 'round is: What is your favorite color? Why? How does it make you feel? Or make a monochromatic layout from your favorite color ‐ or journal the challenge or both!!

(a little side note here, I really do like how everyone else spells colour with a U, looks far more interesting than our way, but I always feel inclined to change it to our correct spelling...why is that?)

Just a close up of some lovely soft blooms from Lizzy Hill, a cut out I made and inserted a real doily between the layers, my copper leaves and a charm I made! Fun times!

Love the photo I used. Believe it or not they are doing the first haying here.

I know, it's crazy! I love the yellow that the fields turn for a short while after a hay. This photo was taken during an evening walk.

Come play with us will you?

P.S. Yes the title was my attempt at humor and a copycat on the Shades of Gray books. I do suggest reading them with glass of cold ice water near by. ;-)


  1. My cousin was reading those books and she said

    "have you read them?"
    "no" I replied
    "Absolute FILTH!" she exclaimed "ToTal pornography! I just can't put them down! I can't stop reading even when my eyes start sweating from the total filth!"
    I laughed so much my eyes stared sweating!

  2. What a beautiful page Mitra!! WOW - looks stunning. That photo is awesome! I gave up on 50 Shades...boring...LOL!

  3. Goodness you may think this is simple, but it is also stunning.. there is a lot going on in the back ground with the squares, and the circles really look great.. lovely photo too...

  4. LOVE it....I'm almost getting used to colour WITHOUT the 'u' I see it so see, the English spelling is mysterious.....or mysterius....???!!!!! And I didn't recognise those blooms!!! Duffer that I am....& I haven't read the Shades of Grey books....bit scared of them, I think....& I bet you remember the name of your 7th Grade band man. I still remember Mr Hanson, my English teacher from around the same time. He thought i was an excellent English writer!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Love the way you cut-out the background to insert the doily! I have resigned myself to COLOR!


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