Friday, July 26, 2013

Old Knobs and New Paint

I've been off and away making memories and working on my arm muscles.

Well, not too much on the arm muscle part...just a little.

I was girl Friday in the garage door painting project at my Mom and Dad's house.

BOY they look nice! Even got rained on a little and we managed to get that repainted without any issues.

My arms got a very small work as we had to scrub each panel to give the paint something nice to settle onto. It was THE MAN'S idea and we all know how good he is with the spray gun & paint.

That pile of glass knobs emerged from my Dad's barn for ME!!! and are already mounted on something neat in my brain. I cannot WAIT to make that project.

Happy Friday! I have nothing much planned for the weekend for once except more arm muscle work in the form of a couple of loads of fire wood, a couple of garage sales and SCRAPPIN! ;-)


  1. Lovely doors ~ you deserve some scrappy time after that effort....hope you have a fabbo time with those handles!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow the doors look great, and I wonder what you are going to create with those knobs!!!

  3. Ooooh those doors look fabulous! I always so admire all your DIY efforts!! Can't wait to see what you do with those knobs too - just know it will be Fabulous!

  4. Looking forward to your new project featuring the knobs!

  5. Love your page and those brill flowers. You are such a lovely daughter going all that way to help out your Mom and Dad.


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