Monday, January 4, 2016

Me on a Monday: the Cake Curse Strikes Again

I am sure you are unaware, but the Pratt Inc. clan here is under a cake curse. There is a huge long story associated with this cake thing that I won't get into here, but I can tell you that I have blogged at least once about it twice. The Great Cake Curse of 2011 being the worst, so I guess I should be pleased it all worked out on the side of more half moon cookies....

Anyhow when I called down to Wegmans this past Thursday, the convo went something like this (and yes, I called in and ordered my own birthday cake, again another long story):

Me:  Do you bake the half moon cookies you sell in the store?

Store Lady: No, they ship them to us from Corporate. 

Me:  OK, so you can't make a half moon cookie cake from scratch. 

Store Lady:  No! (emphatically)

Me:  Oh. That's OK, we can figure this out. I need you to take like oh....say six of the half moon cookies, arrange them in a circle and write happy birthday on them. 

Store Lady:  .........................ah.............................

Me:  I mean, don't you think that would work? I am pretty sure one cookie in the middle and five on the outside would make a circle, don't you think? Might not be perfect. but it seems like it would work. Maybe you'd need seven.....

Store Lady:

Me:  Yeah, I think that would work. I mean, give it a whirl and see if you can make it look nice. 

Store Lady:  You want that for when?

Me:  Saturday at 10ish would work. Oh and can you put pink roses on it or something with the Happy Birthday? Just a few, make it look pretty. 

Store Lady:  Ah.....ok. 

And that was that. A small round six cookie cake went to twelve cookies with lots of roses and where the Happy Birthday went, nobody knows....however, their cookies are the best so I have some I am hoarding in the freezer....and they attached them to the cardboard base with FROSTING so it was like double wow....

Anyhow my rescheduled birthday on Saturday was great. I got to hang with THE MAN and on Sunday, Luke made me breakfast. I'm pretty much dragging this birthday thing out as long as possible...

I mean, I haven't been to work yet and I am sure they will want to go to lunch for my birthday...yes, will have to hatch a plan...

Waving over at Sian who may or may not be still doing the Me on a Monday thing...however, she always appreciates a story!


  1. Ha..ha ! The lady at other end did seem rather uninterested but did a pretty job !btw Belated happy Birthday !

  2. Exactly! I do always appreciate a story and this is a great one :) Well worth the telling. Yes: I have given Me On Monday a new twist. Let me know what you think!

  3. Love the story...Rather gorgeous cake and yummy good you expanded the bakers horizon on what a cake can be...but so sad I don't have a Wegmans here,which is probably the best of its kind in the USA. :-(

  4. Well. Square. Round. At least is was a SHAPE!!! And you know. The roses are totally gorgeous. And well. I guess you can imagine it says happy birthday. Looks really yummy, & of course, it's a good story that the Cake Curse Continues. Ohhhh, don't you love the alliteration!!

  5. Ooh! I know it's not exactly what you ordered, but that looks so yummy!! Happy birthday!

  6. Hilarious story!! You didn't get what you asked for, but by golly, they did a GREAT job on the cookies and they sure look scrumptious!! Hope you enjoyed them anyway! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!

  7. WOW....for being the polar opposite of what you asked...the creator of this did an AWESOME job. That is so unique and fabulous...just like YOU!

  8. Just popped over from Sian's blog - so funny how the order got changed around! It looks delicious!


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