Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pocket Letter for Chris from The Cutting Cafe Shop

I got hit by the Pocket Letter bug when I got my first pocket letter from Miss Lizzy Hill all the way Australia. I LOVE how they fit into a standard nine page pocket protector (the ones that would hold baseball cards) and can be folded up to fit into a standard envelope!

Mine is extra special because I got to use some really nice clear stamps that were designed by my friend Regina called From Owl of Us and are sold over at THE CUTTING CAFE SHOP. If you aren't into clear stamps, you can also purchase the digital stamps from the sister site here. They are VERY good quality. I was excited to use them so wanted to use EVERY SINGLE ONE, hence the idea for a pocket letter!

I gold embossed them and then used water colors to color them in. I really liked the big leaves and stamped those on vellum. The great part about pocket letters is using up A TON of scraps on top of show casing an entire stamp set. Also you can really get blingy! I am hoping my friend Chris enjoys these! She loves making cards so if she wants to take apart the letter, these would make nice card fronts!

I borrowed this photo from Regina where you can see the From Owl of Us set and others. These are in a limited supply so I'd fly on over and grab some if you like them. The same goes for the ribbon sets she has out there and her other goodies!

Hope you love your letter, Chris! It was a HOOT to create!

Happy Tuesday and thanks for entrusting me with your new stamps, Regina!


  1. I have looked admiringly at all the beautiful examples of pocket letters popping up on blogs worldwide. Do I have time? Dare I take on another creative "thing"? I don't know. But this is lovely

  2. WONDERFUL pocket letters, Mitra! You have been most definitely bit by the bug and these turned out adorable!! The little owls are so perfect for this!

    1. ps...also a very nice platter display :D

  3. my day just keep getting better and better...if something goes astray today i am coming back to look at all this OWLICIOUS STUFF.....love it my friend....hugs

  4. I am smitten! Sooooo cute. Trade you some more Br'apple butter for a set?

  5. Owl PERFECT....oh, I am sooo glad you jumped on board with the pocket letters...they take a LOTTA work, but are such FUN, right? Yours is AMAZAGOBS.....LOVE that you've watercoloured your owls & that stamp set is just 'The' Pinnacle of stamp sets! Perfectly showcased here:) LOOOOOOOOOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I've been wanting to make one of these too! Yours sets the bar quite high! It is awesome...she s going to love it I'm sure!

  7. This is so sweet, lots of hooting going on and just think this will be loved for sure!

  8. so pretty! I've not been bit by the pocket letter buy yet, but this just may get me closer!

  9. Really cute. I haven't made any pocket letters yet.

  10. Pocket Letters are fantastic I reckon, like you said they fold so easy to fit in a standard envelope. Your Pocket Letter is a Hoot :) no seriously your friend is going to love receiving this, its beautiful


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