Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Long First Day to the New Year

I had high hopes this am of posting my latest Another Freaky Scrappy page this am, but it was not to be. While cooking breakfast, I got a phone call from my Dad that my Mom was headed to the hospital via an ambulance.

She had just finished eating breakfast and was headed upstairs for a shower when she started having severe cold chills.

My Dad tried to warm her up with a hot bath. It wasn't working and then she started complaining of chest pains. There was no making her warm and the chills got violent. He opted to call 911 and then called me after they loaded her up and left.

He was crying. Then I started crying.

THE MAN drove me down to the hospital three hours away while I tried to keep breathing and stop crying.

All I could think of was that I was so happy we had hung out with them that past weekend and that I had spent that week in Peru.

My Mom is super strong. We hiked to the Sun Gate in Machu Pichu. It was uphills both ways. No really just one way, but imagine hiking a couple miles all while walking up steps. A bit brutal. Regardless, she's in good shape.

When we got there her face was gray but they had just hooked her up to in IV so they were working on hydrating her.

My Mom and Dad live next to Anne who used to work at the emergency room at the hospital my Mom was at. She kept things together for my Dad until we got there.

Eventually we headed home with the assurance we'd get a call with test results. We had kids to get ready for school tomorrow. A HUGE thanks to Shirley, the world's best neighbor for keeping them at her place for us.

Dad called when we were nearly home. Although my Mom had gotten a flu shot, they think she has the flu and have treated her for that. Thankfully it is not the heart attack they were guessing at first.

Reflecting back on today, I'm grateful it was just a really good scare. Also thankful that I get more time with both of my parents for adventures. Tomorrow I'll post a page. Tonight, I'll just finish my glass of wine in thankfulness.


  1. Hey Chickie - have a second glass of wine. I am so grateful you had another visit, and I so hope Mom is much better soon. You have your priorities on straight, and this year is going to be an awesome one for you!

  2. I hope its all good from here on into the new year, keep your chin up and enjoy your wine.

  3. I'm so glad she's okay! We had a scare recently with my grandfather too. It makes you treasure your relationships all the more. I hope she feels a lot better soon!

  4. so glad it's turned out better than anticipated - just the start to 2013 you didn't need...

    anyway happy new year form this end of the world and I hope your Mum continues to improve - hugs and have a drink for me xx

  5. Oh my goodness Mitra... I know how you have felt... my Dad has been rushed to the hospital several times with heart attacks and then the last one was an emergency trip for open heart surgery... so it is such a huge deal.. so glad it was only the flu... and ALWAYS put family before bloggy... we all understand that,, I hope she makes a complete recovery...take care..

  6. Oooh...you poor thing. That is one scare you can do without. The mortality of parents is bad enough to think about without it staring you in the face. Thank goodness it is NOT her heart...hope it is just a virus & that she gets better quick smart:):):)

  7. Holy crud! I was tense reading that post and it was nice to finally exhale when I read they think it was the flu! Good grief, what a horrible scare....that nasty flu thing is wicked awful. I'm just so happy that you all could be there for each other and that more wonderful time is alloted together. :) Thank you for sharing the news and I hope you're doing okay. I'm certain the wine helped.
    Cheers my friend!
    Lisa xx

  8. Aaaaw I am so pleased it is less severe than you initially thought and you have a lot more adventures in store :)

  9. Mitra only just saw this, so sorry you had such a scare. Mom's are so precious. Hope she recovers fully real soon, I'm including her in my prayers for a full recovery.x


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