Friday, January 11, 2013

Green Beans and Spinage

I had a cool scrap page to show you today but it's raining. I actually stepped outside with it before I knew and then saw a few huge drops hit my page, so I am really really really hoping the photos are not ruined. My toes are crossed so I can type this...while I wait for it to dry.

So, instead today I am telling you about Green Beans and Spinage.

Imagine being a small person stuck helping freeze extra green beans. Now, I have spent many an hour myself as a child doing the same thing. Of course that was before you tube videos and shortly after dinosaurs roamed the earth, so perhaps I am not remembering being bored. Or bored enough to imagine giving advice to the beans.

In this case, I am blaming the genetics on THE MAN'S side of the family. We all know what happens when he gets bored. Interesting things happen and with luck, nothing get broke.

Now, imagine pulling beans out for supper with this message attached. I see also that the zip lock baggie is empty. Perhaps the beans took her advice? My parents did not tell me either way however I am sure they got quite the chuckle.

Happy Friday!


  1. haha...the sense of humor has to be from you!!!

  2. Gosh this made me smile, its very funny, home Grandma doesn't see it.

  3. Soooo funny ....wicked sense of honour, too:):):) very creative & sensible spelling, too!!!!!!!!

  4. Too funny, I'm glad you got to see this and share it with us - my kids would be telling the beans to run away so they wouldn't have to eat them.. xx

  5. Well, that is quite interesting. Humorous. Was G'ma humored?
    I'm assuming this was from the girl child? Ha Ha Ha! LOL! :-)
    Love you all!

  6. Oh that would be like helping prepare the prisoner for execution getting a child to help prepare green beans for freezing... I used to HATE beans when I was a child.. they would make me hurl at the sight of them.. so I can totally relate to the note.. as for spinach.. don't get me started on that!!!!!!

  7. ROFLOL Priceless! Please tell me you'll scrap this?!

  8. LOL!! Oh can I relate to this! I grew up on a farm and our garden was big enough to feed 5 families. While we never wrote messages on the veggie bags or jars, we would write silly stuff on the meat packing paper.
    My sister once labeled an entire cows worth of meat packaging with "Sally's meat" because it was her favorite cow and she wanted to be sure not to eat her!


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