Friday, January 4, 2013

Colder than a Witches Boobie

No seriously, it really is.

HAD to look the expression up on Yahoo Answers and this is what they said:

When the temperature falls low enough to freeze mercury in the bulb or tit of a weather witch or what is commonly known as a mercury thermometer it is said to be as cold as a witches tit.

My sis in law said:  SEND ME SNOW PHOTOS the way someone might where it's warm and they are wearing sweatshirts and sneakers.

She gets one photo. Does she know how flippin' cold it is out there? It was like 15 below last night.

And check out that runway of a driveway we have there. When you keep getting snow, you have to keep pushing the banks further and further back so you have places later to store more snow.

OK, one more photo, but this was taken my my jeep with heated seats. Basically, I run from the house to the heated garage. Hit the button to start the Jeep and then jump in. I limit my exposure to wacko mother nature and her freezingness. Don't wanna catch cold!

Here you see a passle of turkeys making good use of the farmer's trail up to where he keeps his hay for livestock. I am guessing most of their food is under snow cover so they are heading to Farmer Lang's store!
No doubt they are enjoying the seeds and whatnot. Not to mention, that is a manure spreader for his cows. Good pickings there, hot and fresh! ;-) 

Hope it's warm where you are and Happy Friday! ;-)


  1. wow I've never seen turkeys running around like that and I must tell you it was 40 degrees Celsius today and we've had the evap cooling on all day. It was too hot to venture out just as it was too cold where you are.

  2. My goodness that is cold.. and here we are experiencing days of hotness.... hotter than... well I am sure it is hotter than something!! Take care, and keep warm!

  3. Ohhh I know you're cold and it's miserable to breath when you step outside but you are soooo lucky to have such a beautiful winter. I'm completely miffed that it will be in the 60's next week!
    I'll gladly lend you my home as your "summer" house because apparently Missouri banned having all 4 seasons and I never got that memo.

  4. We say the same thing. That it's colder than a witches... ROFLOL You and I are so peas in a pod.

    Holy cow that's cold! My goodness!!!! I hope things warm up soon.

  5. That IS cold...we've had very pleasant temps for the time off year
    Alison xx

  6. Stay warm, Mitra :)))
    Happy New Year, my friend!

  7. I'm impressed. That's cold. It's hotter than the warlock' fill the blank!!!!!!!!!! I see you've been informed by above comments:):):) Sheesh! Hope you don't have to HAND shovel that drive!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I am jealous of all your snow!! I live in NYC, but I came to Arizona for Christmas so definitely no snow here. I kept hoping for snow before we left, but none came. Maybe when we get back? It's never that pretty in the city though because it gets dirty fast!!

  9. Oh my!!! Lots and lots of snow and cold....mmmm can i say it? i love the cold. It's not cold enough here in greece, it is still 14 degrees Celsius above 0......Maybe we should change once? Happy new year to you and your family mitra!

  10. Oh the things we learn from your blog! My FIL would always say this and I never knew there was an actual story behind it. Just thought he was being ornery!!
    I'm with you on the cold, although it's not quite as cold here.
    That is a lot of turkeys! We have been fortunate enough to see small groups of turkeys in the fields nearby, but usually not more than 4.


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