Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kit Busting Page: The 25th

I have a unreasonable assumption that I will kill the monthly kit I subscribe to by the following month.

It's unreasonable but has occasionally been attainable when photos & paper have aligned.

This Scraptastic Kit for December was easy to finish up. Something about the colors worked with a lot of the colors I wanted to use for my Vegas photos from Christmas. The other nice part about using a kit for a vacation is that all the pages go well together. I don't always strive for pages that match, but for the most part, a lot of the Vegas ones will.

Love this photo of all of us, also love the banner I drew in with Perfect Pearls. Who would have thought it would have worked so well! And my Lizzy Hill Bloom and blue spiral rose from friend Kristy complete my happiness!

AND on a side note on kit busting? I do still love to finish off a whole kit. I'm working on a page where there are only wee scraps left, yet I managed to kill the kit and make a page I'm really happy with. Paper is only from June..so I guess I'm not doing all that badly....right?


  1. You're doing VERY well with your kit- busting!!!! Another gorgeous photo of you guys.....cute flowers ( tee hee!!!).... Love the banner & is that HAND stitching I spy!!!!! Love the shadow effect:):):)

  2. I love the colours and the wonderful details here. Good luck in your kit busting!

    P/s: I already have loads of supplies without subscribing to any kits..lol

  3. Love this one, Hoover Dam-Christmas Day???? I can't get my head around that one??? Love the photo and those flowers are gorgeous.

  4. Lovely page from a lovely kit - I love killing a kit too. Over a weekend is a good time if you don't have too many other plans. I have a marathon session!!


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