Monday, January 14, 2013

Red Hot Boobs

I have challenged myself to use up my Christmas Scrapbook paper that has been around for at least four or five years. They are mostly small pieces and too pretty to just toss. Hence the use of five trillion banners on the right hand side and also the little mosaic of pieces around the center. I also was super proud to cut that piece of cookie baking paper that has been hanging out for nearly a year and a half. I am making very good headway! Which means Christmas 2013 means I can buy new paper, lol!

Thank goodness my Mom who nearly scared half the life out of me recently provided the incentive to make one last Christmas page and help me along in my quest for less.

I know, you thought I was blogging about something ELSE didn't you! ;-)

I am blogging about the lovely candy red hots. You know the kind. At least here in the states it's almost a Valentine's Day staple. Also makes good cookie boobs and eyeballs.

And a side view so you can see the dimension and also snicker at the fact I used red gems for nipples. THE MAN said that my Mom may have decorated the cookie but then I had to take it one step farther & scrap it,  pointing out that the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Well, hopefully your Monday is starting out with a burst of cinnamon and a laugh!


  1. I am over here dying laughing! Thanks for making my Monday Mitra! ROFLOL Awesome layout! No way am I admitting how much Christmas paper I own/hoard. So there!

  2. Gingerbread cookie $1.50
    Red Hot Candies $1.00
    Red Hot Candy boobs on a gingerbread cookie.....Priceless!!!

    Without a doubt THE best kind of memories to scrapbook about. Thank goodness apples fall from the tree. So much more imagination and wonderment in the world that way!

  3. You had me at boobs!!!!!!
    I cant stop laughing especially what the MAN said.....too funny!....I need a good laugh today!

  4. LOL!......I hadn't realised your mom hadn't been well...hope all's OK now!
    Alison xx

  5. So glad your mum is well and has a lovely sense of humour, I truly love this layout.

  6. I LOVE all the paper pieces and banners, and I must say that I love the boobs! LOL!

  7. Actually today I have felt rather flat after some very sad news.. but this certainly has made for some humor...I obviously don't go to the same shops you do as I have never seen the 'boobs' of which you have scrapped on this layout.. and you have done us proud by scrapping about them.. now whose album is this layout going in????
    Oh and I love all the banners, it is the best way to use up those bits of paper too pretty to bin... I love the side banners!!

  8. Great you made my Monday good, just didn't feel up to staying long enough to post a comment. I came to your blog wondering what I would see, a topless piccie from Las Vegas/a red face from a mishap but NO a really red hot pair of big ones. Ha Ha Ha. Glad you're managing your clear out better than me!!

  9. What an excellent idea for the christmas paper!!MMMMM cookies!

  10. Ha-dee-ha-ha....V clever...don't have them there 'boobies' over here.....looks like you could have a cup ful of fun with them:):) Those holly leaves are V useful, too!!!!!!!

  11. She looks cool with her red hot boobs! Great page too!! You are rolling these days - good for you!!!

  12. With a title like that, you know it's going to be a great page!! I love that you forever preserved this picture and the moment!

    I love how you used all those bits of paper on this page! Brilliant idea and one we can all use to eliminate some of our stash!!


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