Thursday, January 17, 2013

Love Glow Scrapbook Page for PageMaps Challenge

I Had to sneak in one last Christmas page. I had photos I wanted to use from when we checked out the Christmas Display at the Bellagio. Fell in love with this sketch from PageMaps too!

I wish a bit more of my paper showed through but I had one too many photos I wanted to use!

Here is a side view so you can see some of the vintage music paper and lace I used.

The ribbon came on packages over Christmas so I was making good use of that too!

Also used up some more vintage buttons on this as well. That whole part of the sketch is what drew me in to being with!

My title makes me happy too. I really enjoyed all the lovely Christmas decorations and glittery lights in Las Vegas and especially The Bellagio.

And you can see just a smidge of where I drew in part of the circle with perfect pearls. Yet another use for them!

Thanks for taking a peek at one last Christmas page!


  1. Always the push-pull, isn't it? We do this you-beaut bg work...then cover it in photos...sigh!!!!! LOVE these latest of Vegas...the whole style seems to show off how much of a good time you had. You can send a Polar Bear here atm...another well over 100F day!!!!!!!!

  2. Looks yummy!!!! Are you selling your home? Saw something on Facebook?! Happy New Year - if I didn't wish you already :)

  3. I LOVE this one Mitra...the buttons look great!
    Alison xx

  4. The buttons truly look fantastic as does the lovely red bird on the tree. I love the display on the china cabinet. living in hot, humid south India I really like to see all that snow!
    Happy 2013!


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