Monday, July 14, 2014

A Fan of Fans

The biggest thing we've had to get used to at the new house besides having central air is the lack of air moving. We have gotten addicted to ceiling fans and by virtue of that, THE MAN is quite good at installing them. It's usually not terribly hot in New York, so we honestly usually have fans running in the summer. 

The chandelier that was here originally was fabulous and qualified in every way to make someones sparkle tooth sing. After the forth moving guy clonked his head on it we decided it had to go in favor of something more sedate. Actually I showed a moment of weakness for a new light & fan combo and in two seconds THE MAN was cutting it down and helping a moving guy box it up. Mac the Mover was convinced his Mom needed a new light or more likely story, THE MAN gave him a $20 to think that way. 

I also figured out where to put all my thrift store silver platters. This is a one story house so no huge walls asking for a montage of silver like the last house. There are also two lighted cabinets for china in the kitchen, so it made more sense to use my black cabinet for it. 

Fun times! Back tomorrow with a layout for Another Freaking Scrappy as it's the 15th again!

Happy Monday!


  1. It's nice how you are unveiling the house slowly! LOOOOVE that fan & light combo....looks great!

  2. My goodness how would you clean a light like that!? I think the fan is a better option!

  3. awe thanks for sharing little by little your beautiful home...can't wait to see more...hugs

  4.'re such a tease!!! i agree with Regina...can't wait to see more. Laughed my butt off that you paid someone to take that sparkly bit. :) The fan looks REALLY nice and that soft glow coming from your kitchen is intriguing, but the view of your craft haven..... "can you hear angels singing or is it just me???" thanks for sharing :)


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