Thursday, July 31, 2014

When In Rome: DEEP DARK SECRET for One Little Word

Since it's throw back Thursday over on Facebook, I thought I'd post something that isn't quite new to me, but might be new to you. Its Kinda a deep dark secret, or perhaps it was until my Dad spotted it when I bent down to get something off the bottom shelf of the fridge several years ago....

Yes, I have a tramp stamp. I am probably one of the last people you'd suspect in real life of having a tattoo. I probably won't get another although you never know.

Over at One Little Word, they are challenging us to scrap about something that EVOKES memories. Mine reminds me of Potsdam. The home of two colleges with two other colleges another town over, getting a tattoo was fairly easy. Deciding what to get took me a bit longer!

My friend Lisa went with me and distracted me with youtube videos of heavy equipment smashing things. Yes, that would entertain me. There were a couple of moments where she told me to put on my big girl panties and suck it up. Lisa runs a scrapmetal business, so you can image....

The Alchemistress who was working on my tat was also a farmer, so she was entertained as well. I We were probably a welcome distraction from drunk college kids. ;-) The shop is perhaps the coolest building in Potsdam making the whole thing quite the adventure.

I decided to use a vintage P for my last name on this page, a Lizzy Hill flower, and a huge acetate sheet that I made with alcohol ink. I was trying to cut out a rather large clear dragonfly, but that was not as successful as I would have hoped so recyled onto my page.

And what you ask does my tatto look like? Ahaha! Somethings must be left to the imagination!

Happy Thursday!


  1. gone wild :D ! I had fun reading your tattoo adventure ..loved the Acetate !!

  2. What a cool and creative layout! I love it!!!!

  3. Cool acetate sheet/circle. Really catches the feel of a tattoo place, especially THAT eerie historical place.

  4. That is a very eye catching piece on the circle, and fabulous layout.. I don't have any tats, but my kids more than make up for my clean skin!

  5. I said I'd get one at 40 and now 44, I still can't pick a design. I'm proud of you for deciding on something though...that's the hardest part. Fabulous post and such a fun thing to write about. I never lived there, but I already miss the cool buildings you used to post about. What a groovy store front.
    Happy weekend!

  6. Sooo...I'm thinking a dragonfly tat??? And I'm guessing tramp stamp means it's on your bum??? Poor Dad!!! Or maybe a purple tat? Do they come in colour??? Shows how much I know. More hints please!!!!!!!!!!! Or maybe you're got the 4 letters of your name with the kids & hubby's as well????


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