Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Chipmunk Lottery

The radio station yesterday morning said to do a Random Act of Kindness. It's a movement! Cruising at 70 mph down a sunny highway with the radio blasting, it seemed like an easy task at 7:30 am. I had already walked a mile, was wearing earrings, perfume, a new shirt and my stomping boots. (The earring part of that sentence was the biggest deal since I had put away all my jewelry in my jewelry box, something I have been avoiding for a month)

I was off to work and part of moving means I go into an office a day or two a week.

Easy peasy Lemon Squeezy except that it is much easier to control the outcome of your day when coworkers are not involved.

Turned out that the philly cheesesteak I had for lunch would be the highlight of the work day and I crawled home with my tail between my legs and mentally exhausted.

Talking later with THE MAN in the garage I pointed out that wasn't all that fantastic of a day. Yes he said. It was a Monday.

I did however fit in my RAK. When I got home from work, the dog after a hugely enthusiastic omg you have been gone for days, years, decades even tail wagging & yipping greeting was taken outdoors for a pee.

She ran out the door and missed completely the small movement by the rock wall. She quickly rounded the corner of the house leaving me to investigate. A small hole at the top of the rock wall had a chipmunk tail sticking out of it. Of course, I had to tug the tail a little and instantly it vanished completely. Wisely I had not continued to tug & add chipmunk bite to end of no fun day.

Remembering I wanted to fill the feeders I went back in for the bird food. After filling two feeders and letting the dog back in, it occurred to me that it would funny to toss a handful of food on the chipmunk in the hole.

I imagined the little booger in his hole and sunflower seeds landing on his head. Now, technically they are just mice with stripes and my Mom who wages battle with them at the farm daily is wincing at my kindness. However, I thought it was funny. Kinda like those commercials on TV when someone shows up with a huge check made out to millions in lottery winnings. Or on a smaller scale, someone handing you a cupcake. I could have used a cupcake yesterday. We all know that makes everything better!


  1. Oh, poor you - having to a/ actually go into the off IRL... & b/ having an awful day in said office. So much easier working from home, I imagine.....but that's nice being nice to chipmunks [don't have them here, either...].....& yup, that movie is a FABULOUS one...that seemed to be where that idea came from. Except I can't remember it's name now.....too late at night....better go before I start snoring!!!!

  2. Yes I agree poor you Mitra! Wish I'd got your little parcel in the post a bit earlier then you might have had it to open when you got back from your awful day. Just remember it will never be quite that bad ever again. In two or three weeks you will be all settled in and enjoying the company. x

  3. Oh dear your day sounds a bit horrid.. and good on you for chucking the chippie some food.. they sing in high voices you know.. I have seen a few movies with them and they sing!!hehe!! true story.. the chipmunks actually sing!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATmjVZbl0Ro&list=PLF0089CBB8382618A


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