Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Dear Tyler & the BOOB Rock

Dear Tyler:

You have been in your new house, my old house for almost a week. I hope it's treating you well. Don't get me wrong, she will bust your balls for a while. Took us a year to get some good chi going and to get her over her funk.

See the previous peeps who owned her were getting a divorce and I think it made her sad. Six months of being left vacant didn't do wonders for her either. Some new pretty paint, carpets, and flower gardens seemed to cheer her up. I am sure you'll come up with something nice too. If you put a new counter in the kitchen, send me photos. I always wanted a new counter.

I would imagine your Mom who I met who is a very nice lady would say that grandkids would help, but there is always time for that. Kids are their own long term project as are wives. ;-)

I know by now you've had a nice walk along the trails in the woods. Perhaps you've crossed the stream at Boob Rock and saw the wide spot in the creek from a different perspective. I know, it's kinda of crazy. Who builds a rock cairn out of boulders because they were bored one Sunday afternoon because they could.

You'll eventually meet the neighbors Shirley and Bob who are quite possibly the best neighbors in the whole wide world. They like the BOOB Rock sculpture too. They are our kind of crazy. I imagine at this new house we'll have too many projects for a couple of years to do anything that silly.

Thanks for texting Nate and saying thanks for the card. I was trying not to cry when I wrote it.

See the North Country is a pretty special place. You have lived there your whole life so you don't know that the quiet simple is a pretty good way to really jump into who you are without all the distractions.

Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled I have a Target a short 10 minute drive away. I am more thrilled I have the life lessons four years in the middle of no where teaches you.

Yesterday I was in Walmart and was talking to my kid who wasn't actually next to me.

Some random lady pointed out that she was nearly at the other end of the isle and apologized for talking to me. See in Potsdam, we'd have been friends at that point and having a good laugh because it's so small.

I told her that it made me happy that she talked to me since it was a small reminder of where we just came from.

Keep in Touch Tyler and treat my house & neighbors well!

Oh and Peeps reading this? I assure you that the two round rocks on top actually do look like boobs. I have tried to get a better photo numerious times, but I figured this was my last chance to get one & get it scrapped and down on paper! I was putting this page into an album as my kitchen was getting packed!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. That's a bit of a sad post, actually, Mitra.....I'm sure you'll acclimatize really quickly to living back in 'civilization', but I guess you will miss that 'simple life' for a bit....I hope your Man has a BIG SHED to play in at the new place....:):)

    1. He does have a BIG SHED, but it's not nice yet. There are either dimonds and gold in the attic or bats...we're of course hoping for the first coupld of things...almost took a peep tonight but nobody had the guts!

  2. Oh your post here comes from your heart. Special things like boob rocks and happy trails will become memories and you will make more memories in your new surrounds as time goes on. I wish you all the best in this chapter and hope the move brings more joy than you expected. Fabulous layout too!

  3. Oh gorgeous & so the time has really come & you have gone! Oooooh feel sad myself!! Can't wait to see & hear all about your new place & hope you make some friends & enjoy more of the city kind of life...

  4. I really like this post. ..

    ...and I'm wishing you all the very best in your new place


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