Friday, July 25, 2014

An Owl in the Bathroom and a Peeping Woodchuck

No, it's not a real owl. (thankfully) Somedays here the wild kingdom gets to be a bit much. THE MAN just informed me two tree frogs were playing catch the moth on our bathroom window.

But, I digress.

This is the bathroom Lexi decorated. She picked out the tree shower curtain, the lacy curtain in the window and helped paint the owl.

Anyone still remember the owl? It seems like a life time ago I picked up at the second hand store in Potsdam.

I had to show you the door itself with the Toilette sign. I am pretty sure the lady two owners ago that spent some time in France is responsible for that, but then again I could be wrong. This house makes me  happy with it's little details. The wildlife, not so much! ;-)

Just a simple coat of spray paint and it's much less fugly!

My other new statue is this ground hog.

No just kidding, it's not a statue. In fact, he (she?) interrupted a phone call I was having in my office.

Excuse me for a minute, I believe a woodchuck is launching an attack on my house.

The window in my office goes down to the floor so we were nearly touching but thankfully had glass between us. I used to think these chucks were cute, but this one was menacing me!

TGIF! Hope yours was great!


  1. I think that woodchuck thinks your gorgeous new house is HIS house! LOL

  2. OOOH! Never seen anything like that woodchuck.....must go Google them! They look cute - I wonder if they do much damage? Do they attack humans? Nibble at toes? Or are they scaredy-cats? You wild life is a bit confronting, by the looks of it. LOOOVE the toilette sign....the owl looks fab...maybe he should be facing out the window to scare off frogs!!!!

  3. OOO I love your little visitor although I reckon they could scare me up a tree, which would not be any good as they probably live up trees.. love the bathroom and I would have to turn the owl to look outside when I had a shower.. would not like the eyes gazing in my direction!!

  4. Really love that owl now, surprising what a coat of paint can do. Rest of bathroom is cute too, good job Lexi.

  5. A lovely bathroom, and owl, and what a scary woodchuck! We are having bandicoots digging holes in our lawn!!!!

  6. have the coolest Welcome Wagon in the world..a woodchuck!! The bathroom is beautiful and I've had my eye on that same shower curtain. Love that bead board and the white owl...Lexi did a fab job decorating in their. :)


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