Tuesday, October 14, 2014

BEER layout from Climbing Bines Brewery

My cousin Josh has always been a free spirit. For years he lived in Alaska. When he returned to NY he had a couple of jobs until he ended up with some friends who were running Climbing Bines Brewery. He is the Assistant Brewmaster, which I believe is a fancy way of saying he works a lot, very hard manually, but usually with a beer in his hand.

Since my hand usually has an iphone and the most manual labor I do is moving a mouse all day, I can say I might be a smidge jealous. ;-) Oh and he also gets to wear mud boots a lot. I'd be cool with that!

The other day THE MAN decided we needed to take a trip up to check out the brewery. It's probably 45 minutes from the house up along Seneca Lake. It's a beautiful ride. Sadly my cousin was away but the people watching was awesome! Check out the lovely vintage car that was in my view! I enjoyed the sun, the drive, the beer, and some alone time with MY MAN! ;-)

I did a little bit of stamping and smudging on my page to match my drips! Love those chippy butterflies!

Hope you are living your dream or at least happy that it's almost HUMP DAY!


  1. Oh, yes! Second thing I noticed was the gorg car! Great photo!! First was the beer. Third was the amazing butterflies - sounds like a fun day out!!! Good on you::))

  2. Sounds like a cool job! I also love the sound of more activity and less mouse clicking!! Great page too!!!


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