Monday, October 27, 2014

The Third Icicle for Linda's Funkie Junkie 12 Tag Challenge

Are you feeling winter's chill just yet? Chock full of snowflakes, I'm back today with my third icicle for  Linda's Funkie Junkie 12 Tags of Christmas. Linda's store The Funkie Junkie Boutique sponsors the tags.

I was inspired by Linda's colors and huge snowflake on her tag. I did not however go with the whole CAS look...that was lost on me as I layered flowers, gems, and flakes!

I really enjoyed the gold, so I added quite a bit to my flake.

Three tags down and nine to go!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful - the blue and gold is such a yummy combination. Love the delicate feel of this one. You are really on a roll. So happy that you are catching up.


  2. The blue and gold combo is absolutely gorgeous Mitra. Love it!!!

  3. I don't think there's anything more mesmerizing than the 3 of your icicles all together in a row! I CANNOT wait for your tree!!! It is going to look so INCREDIBLE. This icicle just has me in a freaking trance. Gorgeous, shiny, sparkly festiveness...perfect!!

  4. These look wonderful.. and as we hit 39.9 today I am not really feeling the chill of winter!! hehe!


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