Friday, October 17, 2014

Seasons at Dunkin'

After supper and after I had already changed into my bathrobe last night, I recalled that the coffee I was supposed to have purchased on the trip to town was still in town. I wasn't keen on getting back into clothes and driving down the hill, but the threat of a coffee-less morning was horrifying.

I decided to take the opportunity to swing into Dunkin Donuts and pick some up. Usually reserved for a treat, it saved me time driving to the other end of town AND I could possibly get a donut. WIN-WIN!

I ran in, grabbed my coffee and waited to be checked out. Finally the two young dudes who had been messing around with the drive through showed up at the counter. One was clearly grumpy with the other in a fairly big way. I had spied a rare toasted coconut donut and was celebrating my luck so I was ignoring the dirty looks one was giving the other.

Head Doughnut dude started to cash me out. Feeling like a Mom I said nicely to him, why it can't be all that bad to work in a doughnut shop. You work with your hands and around people, right? Not like reading email all day, some of which isn't always nice! He sighed as he plopped my prize doughnut in a bag.

Well he said, "Everyone else makes over minimum wage and I have been here a lot longer and only make that."

Eyebrows raised for not getting blown off, I pressed on. "Have you discussed that with the managers?"

"Yeah, but it doesn't help." he said as he swiped my card.

I looked at him in the face and said YOU HAVE TO KEEP ON THEM. No seriously you do.

I meant it. I have been in his shoes before and on the opposite side of the fence. Sometimes it's a pita to try to get someone what they deserve. Sometimes it's a pita to keep fighting for what you deserve.

Don't give up Donut Dude! Fight the good fight! And years from now when you look back to your first job, you will see that there are seasons in life. A season where you make donuts and fight for better pay and then later when you wish you were just making donuts some days!

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  1. Well, now you have THE perfect excuse to go in to Dunkin's at least once a week to give us further updates on the Donut Dude's Desire for a better Deal.... [sorry - bit of alliteration always makes a good headline!!!]....I'd say that's a win-win right there. And that PHOTO. THOSE COLOURS...if #2 son is serious about this American girl [EEEEEK!!!! Right there.]...then, you know, it WILL happen. We WILL be coming to USA sooner or later. Please stay put so I can see this for real, one Autumn??!!!!


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