Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pile O' Pages and Cards

Saturday morning it rained and THE MAN had some work to do on the plow. Yes, it's going to be plow season soon and the rain will be snow. HOWEVER, since we are normally off doing something, or building something it was a pleasant surprise for me to spend the morning alone with a Scraptastic Kit and kill it.

I didn't feel like actually FINISHING the pages though and contented myself with making pages without photos, titles, or journaling. It seemed like an odd thing to do, but having spent some afternoons around a campfire doing something similar earlier this summer, it made me happy!

Turns out yesterday was National Card Making Day so good thing I finished up the kit scraps with five fun cards!

I look forward to finishing up these pages this coming week. The nights are always super short, so with just a few tweaks to make, I'll feel like I accomplished something!

Happy Sunday!


  1. You are SO lucky to have those Scraptastic Kits available without the $30 odd extra for shipping....& I love these bright, happy colours....they will remind you of summer when you go to finish them off. I don't know that I could do pages without the photos etc, but good on you for doing so!!!!

  2. These are beautiful!! LOVING the colors!!!!!!


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