Sunday, September 4, 2016

Craftgasm & Sick as a Dog for Memorandum Monday

THE MAN asked (with his eyes shut because he's good like that) where I was wandering off to at 6:30 am this morning. I had a hot date with some coffee and cards in my craft room. By the time he came in to see what I was up to at 9:30 there was glitter everywhere, all three available surfaces were covered with paper and flowers and my office smelled like hot glue. Oh my, it was good to get my craft on! Haven't had a lot of free time lately between camping and working.

See yesterday I worked because well, our Habitat House isn't going to fix itself. We are back in a house that has been vacant for at least two years. The previous owners weren't right for home ownership so we are back working on a train wreck. Yesterday's battle was covering the primary colored walls with a stain blocking paint, testing the water lines to see if I could get the city water turned back on, and re-siding the shed. It's rumored the homeowner took a hammer to things and at this point I believe it. I'd be sad, but the rock star volunteers I work with worked on this same house back in the day and they aren't sad. If anything, they are happy to be back working with sheet rock and mudding a bit.

On the home front, we're working on installing a door in the back bedroom. We have an exchange student coming at the end of the month from Italy and we're making sure our guest room is ready! She will be hanging for a week or two and we can't wait! Well, most of us can't wait...some of us....well, we're a bit sickish....

Duncan has had a tummy ache that the vet has been treating. He's been 
mopey and tired for around a week. He seems a bit perkier this weekend but has been enjoying the babying. 

Posting this now because well, tomorrow is another day off! Hooray for a holiday!

Waving over to Sian who is our host for Memorandum Monday who blogs over at From High in the Sky


  1. Naw poor Dunc... i hope he is on the mend soon.. he looks like he is sad.... and all the best with the fixing... and I hope your new student is a wonderful experience..

  2. Hope he feels a lot better very soon!

    An Exchange Student sounds like a lot of fun: I bet you'll learn plenty!

    Wishing you a good week, with great progress on that house

  3. So sorry about sick Duncan...maybe he ate something bad? Will be very happy to hear that he is better. Great on Italian exchange student...Hope you will tell us what part of Italy.

  4. Awwww....pooor Duncan :( I hope he feels better soon. That is NOT nice to see. I wonder what he ate????!!!!! It would be AWESOME to have an Italian student. Buono, buono!!! And as for your crafting. YAAAAY! Same with the new/old house. Luck with that one!!!

  5. Awwwww Duncan... maybe he's sick about that poor house... We've been dealing with a sick one here too... turns out our old boy Riley has congestive heart failure... I have to stop at the dollar store and pick up a couple pill organizers for him since now he's up to seven medications a day... sigh... good thing I have a health craft stash because he's eating up my crafty budget!! And maybe I'll pick up some dollar store flowers while I'm there :)


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