Monday, September 26, 2016

Sitting on a Dike & Wearing an Ass Hat for Memorandum Monday

The end part of this last week involved a conference for work. The classes & certs are never exactly the only thing you come away with. There is that whole team building thing and then learning that the team you are on is pretty rock star. Everyone wants to be on a winning team so this is good. The icing on cake was coming home and getting to hang with THE MAN who was playing with his new hobby. Mostly I just sat and watched. Not quite ready to try my hand at it yet.

He has been teaching himself how to fly a drone. Might be a side business, might just be for fun. Regardless, he has been getting some epic shots. This one is a photo of two of the bridges here in Corning. The one directly in front is the Bridge Street Bridge. It's the fancy one. Over to the right, that white tower is called Little Joe and is one of our icons. I've blogged about Little Joe before.

Our little town flooded badly back in 1972 so all the rivers are built up this way. Excellent walking & biking trails, and an awesome spot to fly. How do you like our hills? They are green at the moment but at some point soon they will turn colors. Or in theory they will. It's been really dry and it sounds like we won't have much color due to the drought. 

Of course someone has missed me. Duncan has turned into an epic jerk. He has been clicking his dog bone, running around like a freak, and bumping into me. While folding the laundy, I decided he needed an ass hat. Found some undies and put them on his furry little head. He tried eating them shortly after.

I'm pumped to start a new week! Happy Happy Monday! Please join me in wishing THE MAN well in his new hobby! Shall we start calling him Fly Boy?

Thanks for hosting us, Sian From High in The Sky blog!


  1. I imagine drones would be a lot of fun and would require some skill to fly them, great photos. And good on you Duncan I would eat undies too if someone put them on my head! Have a great week!

  2. You know... maybe my new pup needs an Ass! Actually ever since I whined to you he's been better... and today I'm taking him in to the vet for his "procedure" which has me all emotional... it sounds like a good idea until the day of... So breakfast of champions for him today... ice cubes... and he's been taking it quite well. Anyway, very cool photo of the bridge... that's awesome! And welcome home!

  3. Wow: drones take great pictures! You'll have a whole new angle to scrapbook from.

    Hoping you have a good week

  4. ps: great title. Actually..unbeatable title

  5. Mad Dog Duncan! LOOOOVe that drone photo. Looks brilliant. I wonder if he can do a looking down shot on your property? That'd be way cool! Really interesting read:):)


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