Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Not a Treat Layout: Johnny Rockets

Sorry about the shadows on this page! It's getting on towards fall here and my trick of sneaking out in the am before work isn't going to cut it much longer! Just a simple page with limited bling (nothing like yesterdays) to showcase a cool photo from a summer camping trip to Lake George where we went out to eat for lunch. Normally we cook our own food, so it was supposed to be a treat.

To be fair, I'm sure Johnny Rockets normally has really great burgers, but there seemed to be a large amount of kids & a bus, so perhaps they were just overwhelmed. Us Pratts are pretty familiar with a good burger. Either we are making them or having them local. Potsdam had an epic burger place and we have one here in Corning. Pair it up with a good cider on tap, it's epic. However, nobody has ever made us smiley faces with ketchup, so they did have that going for them.

Had fun printing that vintage sign and making some accordion blooms. I always enjoy pulling out that die and cutting a couple. Loved this paper with the little conversation bubbles too that I used to write my journaling on. Some mellow colors!

Hoping this Hump Day finds you in good spirits. I'm off to work on a house. Fun times await. Talk about mellow, you should see the pretty color they picked!


  1. OOOPS! Oh well,,, you made the most of it! Love those speech bubbles too.... make you appreciate your local burger joint, I guess.... AND yes, to accordion blooms. To me, they're your 'signature'!!!!

  2. This looks fantastic, love the rosettes and the journalling in your conversation bubbles.. great memories too by the looks of the photo..

  3. Love that you scrapped about a not so great! And love the smiley face ketchup... ketchup always makes me smile... i like ketchup on my! Great layout!


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