Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Gold Washi Tape Canister with Feet

I have been hoarding the most perfect of metal containers for a while. The fabulous Chi Tea has long since been a memory and it was time to apply some spray paint, add feet, a knob, washi tape, and flowers. Not to mention it was getting all dusty and lonely on my desk....

All the hoarders of small bits and bobs for crafting now see why this is the most perfect of containers..I know. It's awesomeness AND is gold inside....(smells like tea too, oh my)

I'm always so busy using that Looking Glass Paint to make something look like mercury glass, I forget what it's main use is for...making little white ceramic feet look epic! Do you not love those? They were just itty bitty white ceramic knobs before I started.

Used that same looking glass paint on the knob. It helped blend in the metal top piece a bit and made it look a little more vintage.

Oh my, love you little tea canister! Currently it's hanging out in the World's Smallest Bathroom, but soon it will migrate back to my office to be used...

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Awesome it is !! I love how the feet and top knob completely transform its look from lovely canister to WOW !!

  2. Beautiful. I would love to have one of these on my table.

  3. These look wonderful, I love the little feet and fabulous flowers too!

  4. Never seen washi looking so good & those mercury FEET......squeal! Amazing!! LOOOOOVE this one :)


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