Monday, September 12, 2016

Scary Ass Baby and working at the Ketchup & Mustard House

Have I mentioned that the people I work with are crazy? I mean, there is an endless supply of items for practical jokes at the ReStore...and although I wasn't the intended victim, it was most unpleasant finding scary ass baby doll in the crisper one early morning. Volunteers are also crazy, but crazy cool. On top of painting endless coats of primer paint over the bright red, banana yellow, and cobalt blue paint, some of them are working on the retaining wall at our Bridge Street Habitat House. Since the grade slopes downward toward the house, we're trying to divert water in a functional & beautiful way. In case you are wondering, those freaking stones are heavy....I am a bit sore today.

On a side note, the folks who worked on the house before we went in called the house the Ketchup & Mustard house in regards to the epic paint choices. We had a huge mold remediation job because the pipes burst over the winter. Not only was the basement of the house filled with mold, but the living space was visually upsetting. All I can say people is THINK before you buy. Dark colors in small places do not make good choices paired up with bright colors that clash. I can only hope the previous owner was color blind....

Also, been working on a bathroom at the home front. All that painting at Bridge Street got me inspired to paint up the world's smallest half bath. It was a powerder blue that had gotten tired and I wanted a fresh new color to spruce it up. I always fall victim to the names of the paint hence I came home with a gallon of Sea Glass and two cans of white spray paint. I think in the case of a small space and calming color, I chose wisely.

I am a fussy painter. Grandma Skip was epic at edging and I dislike using tape, so it takes me a while to cut in. This bathroom took me all Labor Day Monday to finish. I had to spray paint the heater since it was rusty and I hated the cheap over the toilet vanity THE MAN had picked up & installed when we first moved in, so that got a coat of white spray paint as well. The fact it was perfect spray painting weather helped. Kinda sorta wanted to get that bathroom painted  'cause yesterday the girls came over for a Crafternoon. Fun times were had by all.

Pages for that will be coming soon. It's a new week so join me in wishing Sian, our most fabulous host of Memorandum Monday who blogs over at From High in the Sky a hello!


  1. There is bathroom cutting in going on round here as we speak. Well, okay, not exactly here, but down the road, where the students will live. I do love that sea glass colour. It's a real favourite of mine.

    Wishing you a good week!

  2. All your renovating looks good.. I hope it all works out for you..

  3. Erk! Poor baby all colded up in the fridge. That would've freaked me out. Your job is endlessly fascinating and certainly switcheroos-ish and NEVER boring. Perfect job! Which goes alongside the perfect bathroom. I want Sea Glass here!!!! Looks beautiful and liking your top o the toilet decoration there, too :):)


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