Monday, September 19, 2016

Wronging a Pedi & Cinderellaing for Memorandum Monday

 At some point earlier in the week, I got a text message from the boss that simply said, are you in? It should be fun. I had no idea what she was talking about. I was pretty sure I had forgotten something important that I may or may not have said I'd do. So, I asked.

The Pink Tie Affair on Friday night, was the text back.

Oh! MY! Yes. Wear a cocktail dress, paint the toes, and eat free fancy food at an open bar for boobies? Count me in. Having to run the Habitat build at Bridge Street the Saturday after? No prob. I'm All IN.

My ass was a bit dragging on Saturday. I felt a smidge like Cinderella who was out too late, but since
I had also forgotten to wear appropriate footwear, I ruined the pink pedi that I had given myself in haste the day before.

It's the story of my life. I can't decide what to wear as some days I'm painting, other days I meet the future mayor of Corning. On that same note, I met the potential future new homeowner at our Bridge Street Build earlier this week. They seem perfect. Let's see how they do painting. ;-)

On that note though, the previous homeowner was not perfect. It's been implied by several who might know, that the fancy lettering on the concrete wall near the house may in fact be from the past home owner's children. It's going to take some special neighboring to erase the bad memories from
those neighbors. I'm ALL IN on that as well. Nobody should have to put up with that shit.

Sunday was spent making an epic breakfast, working on a new lamp of which the pieces came from a sweet trade, and scrapping. Just an easy peasy kinda day with some perfect spray painting weather. Good thing the pedi was already ruined. May or may not have painted a toe copper...

Anyhow, I wish you the best kind of day on this fabulous Monday. Off to help an old lady with a garage door opener and inspect a paint job. Fun times!

It's a new week so join me in wishing Sian, our most fabulous host of Memorandum Monday who blogs over at From High in the Sky a hello!


  1. The lamp looks good so far. I know what you mean! Some days I'm painting, or building flatpacks, or cleaning up the mess left by a previous tenant and occasionally I need something smart and I have no clue what to put on anymore. I used to love getting dressed up.

    Hope those pink nails give a bit of glamour for a couple of days yet. Have a good week!

  2. That lamp is going to look good, and I hope you had fun at the pink tie affair!!! the toes look great too by the way..

  3. oh my... I can't wait to see that finished lamp.. Happy Monday (on a Tuesday evening) and happy week!Now I'm looking at my sad pink toes... I think they're almost the same shade of pink as yours... and I hastily painted mine before the wedding I came back to buffalo for and now the polish is hanging on by a thread... my feet are screaming for a real pedicure... are you in???

  4. Oh, Mitra. Now, mind your language girl, when you're talking about language that's a bit pooey!!!!! Understand perfectly, though..... wankers. Do you use that term? It's for idiots.... Aussie speak;)!!! LOOOVE the way that lamp is looking & shame about the pedi. Least yours get coloured one way or t'other!!!!


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