Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hot Men & A Finished Lab Table

THE MAN attached my new BUTCHER BLOCK table top to my new/old lab table the other night. I am hoping they send very strong moving men as I can no longer even pick up one side of it. I was really hoping for strong HOT moving men, but I no doubt will have my hopes dashed.

The last move involved two different sets of moving men and none of them really qualified in the hot catagory. Nothing like our trash guy who really is movie star hot and who has all his teeth. Sadly I never run into the trash guy as lurking around the end of our driveway seems a bit over the top.

The dude who brought the top on a tractor trailer freight class was also not hot, but he had a thing for my jeep so he got points. I shuttled the top down from the end of the driveway to the garage in my jeep as tractor trailers cannot make the turn into our driveway. Picture me driving real real slow with this big counter hanging out the back and you'll get the picture....

Tonight THE MAN (who is hot) will show me how to use REAL RIVETS to attach this little metal tag that fell off the table while I was sanding. I have no clue where it goes but it make me happy.

Yes it's been painted & inked up with scrapbooking supplies...It's kinda shout out to the original color, rust and turquoise!

Why yes, this table has totally come a long way!

Hope your Tuesday is Sweet! 


  1. GASP, cough, CHOKE, sputter, mumble, CHEER!!!! Is this going in your new craft room? Er my gersh, it's outstanding. Love it isn't strong enough to describe how much I appreciate all the hard work you did to refurbish this table. Wow and double wow!!!
    Best of luck on the Chippendale movers ;)

  2. I want your table. PULEEZE....ain't THAT heavy to post. Otherwise a hot man will do. To be honest, I think the table would give me more pleasure!!!! Now, THAT's SAD!!!!! But the table IS HOT. And that tag....nice touch. Enjoy rivetting. Have a rivetting good time. Get rivetted by being rivetted??????!!! What ev-ah......♥♥♥ ur table:):):) NOT ON IT.......!!!!!!! Oops...hope that doesn't give you ideas.....

  3. gorgeous table!!!! Awesome work and idea!!!!Thanks for stopping by my blog~

  4. What no photos? Your blog title said hot men? Can't see any here? Just one fabulous looking table!

  5. WHAT a table--oh so fab!!!! You have outdone yourself with this project.

  6. Oh, this is gorgeous! I love the metal tag too! Best of luck with the move and here's hoping your movers are hot!!


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